Every time Tracy a 12 year old girl came back from school she would arrive home at the presence of her stepfather, ‘Uncle Ronnie’ until one day her stepfather had a fight with her mother and later on in the week he decided to take his frustrations out on Tracy, he rapped her.

When Patricia Tracy’s mother came back from work she found Tracy in her room crying, she asked with a caring and concerned voice, what is wrong my baby? Tracy slowly looked at her with red eyes and tears rolling down her chicks and kindly wrote it in a piece of paper with shame and despair. “Uncle Ronnie raped me mommy” Patricia got angry and slapped her on her face, with fear she screamed sorry mommy, Uncle Ronnie did not rape me. Patricia feeling a bit relieved asked her how could you be so cruel and lie about something so big? As Tracy was about to open her mouth and answer her mother, she slammed the door at her face and walked away.

Days went by and Patricia was not communicating with her one and only 12year old daughter Tracy. Patricia stopped doing her washing and dishing up food for her, Tracy had to sneak to the kitchen for food when everyone was asleep. Tracy was treated unfairly and she felt like a stranger at her own mother’s house.

Every day when Tracy woke up, her pillow was wet from tears you could swear it was rain. She was no longer going to school and Patricia did not care less as she happily continued living her life with Uncle Ronnie not knowing that Ronnie was repeatedly raping her daughter whenever he pleased.

One day Tracy looked herself in the mirror, she spoke softly to herself, saying “what did I do to deserve to be treated this way” she looked up, whispering God please forgive me but enough is enough. As tears of sorrow ran down her chicks, she rushed to the kitchen draw and grabbed a knife and she put it in her room under her pillow

Uncle Ronnie arrived; whistling and shouting Tracy baby where are you I’m back. Tracy answered I’m in my room Uncle Ronnie come in. She stood by her pillow and was looking at him as he came closer and closer to her. As her held her, Tracy grabbed the knife and stabbed her at the back. Tracy stabbed herself as well and they both died. When Patricia arrived home from work she came back to that horrible scene.

Tracy had left a note stating ‘I DID IT ALL BECAUSE OF YOU” I hope you will learn to live with it. I could no longer stand the pain of being rapped over and over again.

Patricia crying, in shame and in despair. I will never learn to forgive myself I wish I had listened to you Tracy but it’s too late. A week later she died of a heart attack.

To the women of Mzantsi stand up, do not be deceived life is too short. Happy women’s month




  1. Wow what an interesting and sad story. Tracy may you rest in peace, Uncle Ronnie may you rot in hell. Patricia I pity you. Happy woman’s month. strike a woman strike a rock (wathinta ABAFAZI wanthinta IMBOKODO)


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